July 2016

The Summer Threats are Dehydration and Sunburn.

The biggest threat of dehydration and sunburn is to our children – but don’t leave out the adults in the crowd. This can happen to anyone. The answer is to manage your time in the heat for work and play with applications of sunscreen.

Look for sunscreen products that protect you from UVA (skin cancer) & UVB (burns) radiation. There is no such thing as “Waterproof”; there is only “Water Resistant” that protects you from 40 to 80 minutes. Replace sunscreen every 60 minutes using SPF 35 to 55. Everybody can get skin cancer and everyone can get burned.

The first signs of dehydration in children are dry month, fussiness, and muscle cramps. For adults and children, this can be followed by signs of shock, high body temperatures with little sweating along with headache and dizziness. Treatment is to get the person out of the heat and slowly bring the body temperature down while letting them sip water – no chug-a-lugging water – they will throw up. If conditions worsen, call 911.

Be Safe!


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