About Us

Michelle Wilder has been involved in CPR/First Aid training since 2006. As a California and Nationally Certified Phlebotomist working for major hospitals in Northern California and the Mid-West, Michelle proved invaluable to the safety of hospital staff and patients.

In 2005, Michelle lost her 17-year-old Son to a river drowning in Northern California. After this incident she has devoted herself to educating the public through CPR and Water Safety.

With her background experience in raising a family, as well as her Health and Safety training for individuals, groups, and corporations, she brings a wealth of information to emergency response training.

The feedback from Michelle’s classes are always positive. Students appreciate the relaxed atmosphere, and the patience that is demonstrated throughout the courses.

“My goal is to eliminate fear or hesitation when it comes to responding to an emergency at home, work, or in the community.”

Michelle Wilder